Automated Adobe DTM monitoring

Find out how Tagtician will ensure a smooth transition from Adobe DTM to Adobe Launch.

DTM Rule Scan

Tagtician's smart crawler seeks your rules

Analysts shouldn't have to worry about programming a QA crawler... much less one that a QA team has already built. Let Tagtician's smart crawler automatically seek, validate, and protect your rules.

DTM Server Calls

Stop micro-managing server calls

Let's face it - you only care about whether the rule is firing. If the pixel isn't there... the rule is broken. You might turn to the Tagtician extension to find out what rule contained that obscure tag, but now Tagtician will proactively point you directly to the problem.

The Tagtician extension has cemented us as leaders in the tag management innovation.

33 Sticks

It’s dangerous to go alone. We’re proud to announce that Tagtician and 33 Sticks have joined forces to ensure we’re bringing the best experience designed specifically for analysts by those who use DTM and conduct analysis every single day.